This We Have NowThis we have nowis not imagination. This is not grief or joy. Not a judging state, or an elation, or sadness. Those come and go. This is the presence that doesn’t. Rumi


Paris, oh yeah! Paris is wonderful, especially by night. 🙂 I traveled twice in 2014. If you can, try to stay a few days there. I know some people who have been to Paris for one day and tried to see almost everything. If you just want to see famous buildings from the outside than, … Mehr Paris


2014 – End of May – Beginning of June I traveled with a friend to Milan via plane. We arrived at the airport and took the coach to the main station. We stayed at a B&B which was a bit far away from the city center. You can reach the city center and other areas … Mehr Milan


Hey 🙂 The 13th April around 6 pm: Finally, I´m in Dublin.  I took the bus to the Christchurch Cathedral and went to my Hostel that is really close to central Dublin. Garden Lane Backpackers Hostel is actually new and was opened in 2016. I would recommend this hostel based to its location and very … Mehr Dublin


Inbetween of thinking about traveling to Budapest or anywhere during New Years Eve season, I simply booked my train ticket to Copenhagen. That was the best decision I´ve ever made! A way to travel to Copenhagen I traveled via train to Copenhagen (honestly I planned almost everything last minute and flight prices were high close … Mehr Copenhagen